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TheDiamondBlock: Website Changelog | 7/8/2018

I've added the ability to view old leaderboards so people can check out the best players throughout the past 1.5 years. Check it out here.

TheDiamondBlock: Website Changelog | 6/23/2018

You can now use /sm in-game to set social media on your profile.
In addition, you can add a video to the bottom of your profile (with /sm).
Example: My Profile

TheDiamondBlock: Website Changelog | 6/22/2018

Website has been updated.
- Profiles now list more information & more accurate data.
- Benefactors (both Patrons & Sponsors) are accessible through the nav bar.
- Teams now have their own pages (using{teamName})
- Teams now have their own leaderboard (visible here).
- Some design changes, such as this index page and profiles.